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Three Notable 2016 Startups Poised for Early Success

Every year, we read about startups becoming major successes in just a couple of months. Most of the time, these are the ones that offer a unique experience for consumers/customers. These are the startups that offer comfort and convenience. Uber, for example, became extremely popular in a short span of time because it helped eliminate the difficulty of waiting for and hailing a cab.

In the list that follows, three notable startups are introduced. These are startups that offer unique products/services and are expected to make a major splash in the market:


Juno is the brainchild of the same person who created Viber. Talmon Marco came up with the idea of launching a different kind of riding service. What makes it different from its competitors is that it takes care of its drivers by giving them extra earnings and rewards. For example, when a driver refers a customer to Juno and that person avails of the riding service for the first time, a $15 reward is given to that driver. In addition, one of their future plans is to issue shares to their drivers.


As of this time, only New York City riders can avail of Juno’s services as it is still in the beta phase. With innovative ideas, however, it is expected to figure prominently in the startup success ladder.


This is something totally new and quite unexpected. WeConnect is an app created especially to assist drug addicts and alcoholics who are in the recovery process. One of the many things it does is provide encouragement and support. Encouragement is usually in the form of rewards. Additionally, WeConnect can also track whether users went to their scheduled sessions and meetings. The app likewise features several activities, including prayers that can prove to be especially useful for many of these people. An emergency button is easily accessible for times when extra help is necessary.


Basically, WeConnect helps drug addicts and alcoholics get through their recovery period through providing them a means of communication with others, including those who were in the program with them.

WeConnect is currently in closed beta.


If the name sounds too feminine for you, it’s because it really is intended for the female population. Well, basically. Lucy is actually intended for expectant mothers (and fathers), with features and services that can help them just before and after they give birth. The app provides support in the form of nutrition-related services and other similar needs.


One of the founders of the app is an OB-Gyne, which is a big reason why Lucy offers essential help especially to first-time parents, specifically after the mother gives birth and goes through the postpartum cycle. The assistance goes beyond the delivery room and extends to the family as everyone adjusts to the changes of having a baby.

Lucy is currently working with over 50 families to make sure that the app delivers what it is intended to.

While these startups are not yet high up in the success ladder, they are expected to reach it pretty soon. Apart from offering interesting and useful services, these three startups also inspire and encourage those who plan to come up with their own businesses in the near future.

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